What is ISR?

ISR is the SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY which an Individual thinks about and evolves his/her relationship with the society for common good. Thus ISR is not mere charity or donations. It aspires in fulfilling an individual’s Role of his/her basic understanding towards the society.

ISR is a way of conducting Socialism, by which every Individual visibly contributes to the social good. Socially responsible Individuals are open to use resources, to engage in activities that equally benefits the society and himself.

ISR is to integrate and evaluate economic, environmental and social objectives along with individual growth towards society.

ISR can also be termed as Individual Sense of Responsibility. We all have a sense of responsibility towards our society but are unable to action our thoughts due to personal and worldly pressure and slowly we forget about it.Hence I Dream About teaches us to maintain this balance and execute in building and serving a better society.

We firmly believe that any individual who follows ISR will find changes not only in his/her social life but also personal & professional life.

Is ISR practical?

Yes it is. If every individual practices their duty rightfully, educates and motivate others to do so. It will be a very smooth and easy path to execute ISR. Basically ISR is nothing but to live your life in a true manner and following simple rules of living. You breathe in oxygen so you Plant one tree and take care of it. You segregate your degradable waste to easily decompose and have a world free of global warming.

I Dream About foundation launched an INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY list to bring awareness amongst the people and also for smooth functioning of leading your life and society responsibly.

  • We have to live with oneness that we are all part of each other & part of the world we live in
  • The Key to a greener planet is our responsibility.
  • To Ensure Systematic Solid Waste Management i.e. - Segregate and Understand Waste Management (To Dispose Waste as per law)
  • To Donate blood, organs whenever and wherever required.
  • To Provide Health, Hygiene and Various kind of Education to the society.
  • To Donate in KIND.
  • To Help Wildlife – Birds, Animals, Amphibians etc. by feeding, freeing etc.
  • To Save Water – By Closing Taps, Reducing Usage of water, Repairing Leakages
  • To Save Energy – Use of Solar, LED & Don’t Misuse lights, Fans, A.C.s etc.
  • To Promote gender equality and empowering women
  • To Stop Littering (Spiting, throwing, damaging)
  • To Follow and Obey Traffic Rules and regulations
  • To Respect Each and every culture and Tradition
  • To keep yourself Healthy (Yoga, Meditation and Exercise)
  • To Manage your Work and Social Life Equally
  • To Control your Emotions (Anger)
  • To fight against child labour
  • To raise voice against injustice
  • To provide help to physically and mentally retarded people and blind people
  • To help Hungry and needy
  • We should serve our parents, teachers, brothers and sisters and the relatives
  • To energize other Society members to make a chain of ISR
  • To leave a sustainable Society for future generation
  • To follow Right to Equality, Freedom, Exploitation, Freedom of religion, Cultural & Educational rights

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