Sports in India are part of Indian culture. Sports bring culture together and bridge the gap between communities and across the generation.

Ida foundation focuses on using sports as a medium to encourage and breed leadership among the youth. The program uses sports as a tool of development to bring about positive change. We use the power of sport to educate and empower youth.

Ida foundation aims at introducing sports to youth and to promote it. We arrange tournaments and events that attract youngsters and grab some value in society. We believe if we want to promote any sport, we have to start from grass root level.


The fastest game on the board. Yes, Ida foundation is already engaged in promoting basketball to youth in surrounding areas. This program promotes health fitness and an active lifestyle through basketball and teaches the value of the game such as teamwork, sacrifice, discipline, dedication and sportsmanship.

Tournaments organized by ida foundation :

  • Gujarat State Basketball Championship
    I Dream About foundation organized Open Basketball championship of Gujarat State for men’s and women’s where teams from various districts of Gujarat participated, Income Tax Department, SBI Bank and others participated. The tournament has a record of highest number of teams participated even in the tournament. Income Tax Team won the championship.
  • Half court basketball tournament
    It was the most amazing and fascinating tournament ever in history of vapi where we had 28 team participated. The young players were excited to participate. The junior and senior groups were engaged to showcase their game where the audience had huge fun. Mahakumbh basketball tournament This a tournament organized by Gujarat State Government. Where ida team has made a record of continuous registering win in Valsad district. The government has good initiative where it gives remuneration for participating and winning.
  • Mahakumbh basketball tournament

Table tennis

Table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age. It promotes quick thinking while improving hand-eye coordination and is a great way to stimulate the brain. In the past year and half these sport has taken giant strides in India. Ida foundation organized an interschool table tennis championship for under 14 and under 17not only for boys but also for girls in June 2014. This program received kind support and coordination from the youths, as it was to encourage this wonderful sport in whole of the valsad district.


Cricket is although most famous sport. In India, cricket is larger than life. We are drawn towards the game because it is exhilarating, enjoyable and teaches us so many things: patience, discipline and dealing with failure. Like the ball in the game, you have to bounce back in life no matter how badly you are hit. Cricket teaches you self-belief.

Tournaments organized by ida foundation :

  • Dream premier league
    A league Cricket tournament in different societies were carried out and the teams were given special recognition in town. The societies get engaged and also a get together on an occasion so they socialize within society. This builds unity and also a spirit of oneness and also healthier.
  • Dream Super Six
    Unique tournament of cricket where a concept of 6 over’s 6 players. Here the moto was to bring different people with different age group to come and enjoy the game. 16 teams participated in this tournament and was utmost very exciting matches were played. The tournament was applauded with a huge success and is in the memories of the people of city.

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