Mr. Chirag Pravin Patel

Mr. Chirag Pravin Patel is an Indian Social Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist Born in Surat, Gujarat on 24thJanuary, 1988 as a youngest child to Mr. and Mrs. Meena Pravinchandra Patel out of their two children. He holds a Masters degree in Finance & Organisation Behavior from the Herriot University of London.

As a graduate student from Mumbai; Sydenham College, Chirag has travelled to several places in and abroad. He has seen diverse cultures and socialism followed in different parts of the World and has always been keen to work towards the upliftment of his own Country with the motto of spreading World Peace.

He started a foundation on 24th August 2011and named it I Dream About Foundation with a deep meaning behind the name, he desires to fulfill Dreams Of Individuals for better society. The foundation has its own ISR policy.

He started working on social projects prior to the registration of this NGO, he Has experienced various activities, projects & events. He even participated in Various activities and discovered the objective behind those activities. One of One of the eye opening activity that he came across was, where caged birds were set free, few flew to an. Open sky but many had forgotten to fly and met an unfaithful destiny.

Mr. Chirag Patel also came across a huge number of trees being planted by Major group of companies in order to meet the social cause of Global Warming, However the number of plants survived was very small. Amul is an example of One such group of company (ref. from Amul planted 620 lakh trees From 2007to2016 and survival are 291lakhplants.The efforts, time and money Invested by people are being wasted due to lack of proper planning and Maintenance. Hence, he started with the ideology of “1person1plant”, plant a Single sapling but make sure it grows and survives, instead of planting100. He Strongly believes in the universal fact, whatever you give to the world it will Come back to you.

Furthermore, he researched and observed to comprehend that Non Management of Household Waste is another major reason for global warming Followed by deforestation.

His Final aim was to build a channel where an Individual who is socially Responsible is not limited by a particular cause and can contribute them Generously in social activities by all means and hence he registered for an NGO that says I Dream About...

He also initiated the projects like Gujarat Plantation Day, Solid Waste Management, Old Newspaper Collection, E-Waste Management, Digital Memorial Plantation, Tree Censes, Beautification, Herbal Plant Distribution and many more.

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